You're about to:

  • Get your first dunk in a few weeks
  • Block so many shots, opponents will be intimidated
  • Get NBA explosiveness to blow by any defender
  • Get lightening quickness to stay in front of any scorer

Becoming Athletic Is The Only Way To Get Attention From Coaches, Scouts, Players, And Fans

Who is your favorite basketball player? (Let me guess, he's very athletic, right?)

Do you watch WNBA games? (Probably not, not athletic enough, right?)

You like NBA basketball because of the players ability to explode at any given time..

..Tear towards the rim..
..Take-off from outside the key..
..And glide through the air for a rim-shattering dunk.

And it's not only the NBA, to play in any good league, you have to be athletic (NBA, NCAA, NAIA, JUCO, FIBA...)

Here's the thing man...

Being able to jump not only sets you apart from 99% of the other players out there...

...But it also attracts a lot of attention.

If you're looking to turn heads this season you gotta be able to jump.

The game of basketball is played above the rim and if you can't get there you'll get left behind.


Here Is What Happens To Non-Athletic Players

  • They wish they could dunk the ball
  • They feel sorry for themselves on the bench
  • They blame their coach for their lack of playing time
  • They can never be the star of their team
  • They don't get love from scout and coaches
  • They don't get to play college ball
  • They don't get to play pro ball

Here Is What Happens To Athletic Players

  • They make the crowd go crazy with monster dunks
  • They get tired on the court because their coaches never subs them out!
  • They score a lot of points, get lots of rebounds, and block shots
  • They're the star of the school
  • They get love from coaches, scouts, parents, players, teachers, the internet...
  • They play college basketball
  • They play professional basketball even when their game isn't that good

You Too Can Throw Momentum Shifting Monster Dunks Like Russell Westbrook

You probably heard silly things like:

  • You're to short to play basketball
  • White men can't jump (that's actually the title of a movie!!!)
  • You have bad genes
  • ...

This is pure non-sense, and you should not listen to people who say these things to you.

The truth is, you can dunk. Actually, if you work the right way, you could get your first dunk within 30 days just like Dubin (see below)


Tried everything to increase your vertical jump
but nothing’s worked? Well…

...Just imagine seeing the crowd go crazy when you'll
posterize the opposite team big man!

Hey, John Williams here…

You might have a hard time believing this, but I’m going to explain exactly how I, as well as many athletes I've trained, have added up to 8 – 16 inches to our vertical jumps – in just a few days and weeks.

Doesn't matter if you’re short, unathletic, tried other programs before, can't touch the backboard, have decent ups, or anything else. I’m about to show you how to quickly get drastic results and put people on posters like me (Watch below).

I played four years at the University of North Carolina-Asheville where I hold the school's all time shot blocking record, scored over 1000 points and had 200 rebounds. During my time in college I also made ESPN’s Sportcenter Top 10 Players 3 times during my senior year that created enough attention to receive an invitation to the NCAA College Slam Dunk Content (2011). I advanced all the way to the finals
and finished second respectively.

Through my accolades and accomplishments I was noticed by the World Famous
Harlem Globetrotters, offered a tryout and made the team for which I have played the last 3 years. I have been a proud owner of a 40+ inch vertical for the last 10 years and the reason I have been able to maintain it for so long is through a series of drills and workouts created to strengthen your body, improve explosiveness, improve your vertical as well as our skill.

But it wasn't always like that...

Video2 from Steve Pellan on Vimeo.

Becoming athletic opened a lot of doors...

I got a full scholarship to play for the University of North Caroline-Ashville, got runner-up in 2011 NCAA College Slam Dunk Championship, and went to the NCAA tournament. Basically, most of my basketball dreams came true! Today, I'm a pretty successful trainer and work with some of the best trainers in the world like Ganon Baker and Damin Altizer.

We launched a Under Armour AAU team last year. This is me coaching during the try-outs.

So today, I'm really excited to FINALLY share the secret jump workout that allowed me to do damage to a lot of rims, posterize quite a few players, play college ball, play for the Harlem Globetrotter and become a successful trainer.

And once you become athletic, it can all happen to you!

Vertiskills is a digital product - You will not receive a DVD. This reduces the cost and pass the savings onto you.

Meet Your Jump Training Coach - John Williams

Ganon Baker, Ganon Baker Basketball

John was a very good player that never stopped working until he got it right. Now as a world class skill coach he can work with you until you do! You have to train with him!

Mark Adams, ESPN Basketball Analyst

I used to love training John when he was a player. He had an amazing work ethic. Now he brings that same commitment and passion to players that he trains. John does a great job with player development and helping improve athleticism.

The videos below will show you that John Williams is the real deal!

NCAA Dunk Contest

ESPN Top 10 Dunk

Euro Summer League Posterization

Clearing A 7-Footer

Breaking a backboard

Articles And Features

Citizen Times Article

UNC Asheville Article

Vertiskills Includes

The Total Program

The Complete 12-week VertiSkills Program includes the periodization of 3-phases with intense focuses on Strength, Power and Explosiveness. Players will progress weekly through a series of on court workouts authored, designed and tested by Coach John Williams. Supplemented by a Weight Lifting program (included at no additional cost), athletes will spend 12-weeks working towards becoming the ultimate basketball athlete.

Coach John Williams VertiSkills Curriculum

Athletes will, in addition to HD demonstrations of each exercise, receive the VertiSkillsEbookCurriculum which includes week-by-week and day-by-day guides to the entire program. Included are the number of sets, reps as well as a weekly schedule for the program. Coach Williams’ curriculum also includes a detailed explanation and How-To Guide of the Sayer’sformula which athletes will use to test their Maximum Power Output at the end of each phase.

Progress Charts and Power Calculations

Each phase is broken down day-by-day with progress charts including the exact number of set and reps that should be performed. Athletes will go to the gym fully prepared to not only work hard but track their progress in the systematic VertiSkills workout regiment.

Full HD Video Series

Each exercise in the VertiSkills program is taught and demonstrated in stunning HD. Exercises include teaching points in effort to not only show athletes how to perform the exercise but improve their overall knowledge of strength and conditioning. Partner exercises include modifications so that they can be done individually.

Guaranteed Anytime Online Access

The entire VertiSkills program is accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone where Wifi or 4G/3G is available. Videos, your Ebook and progress charts can all be accessed anywhere: at home, in the gym, in transit to the gym, etc. With anytime access, you’re always prepared to get in an extra training session!

BONUS: 5 Elite Training Programs (Value $222)

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One More Basketball Academy For Free

Splash Shooting: Value $47

Splash Shooting is a 8-week training program that quickly turns below average shooters into sharp shooters.

1 on 1 Domination: Value $37

1 on 1 Domination is a 12 week training program that enables players who are frustrated to always lose 1 on 1 games to beat anyone they play against AND become their team best offensive player. You're about to master the footwork, IQ, and skillset to dominate anyone who tries to guard you.

No Weight Strength: Value $37

No Weight Strength is a strength training program that enables skinny and fragile basketball players to quickly become dominant physically without lifting weights

Total Ball Control: Value $37

Total Ball Control Manual is a ball handling training program that enables players who struggle to dribble the ball to become the best ball handler on their team

200 Tips For Superstar Performance: Value $15

Advanced basketball tips to improve mental toughness, skills, physical preparation, stress management, and nutrition.

How To Become A Pro...: Value $12

In this eBook, Coach Steve reveals how he went from unknown to professional player in France in one year. You'll find out how to prepare mentally, how to develop your skills very fast, how to quickly become stronger, how to dominate any opponent, how to think like a coach on the court, and a lot more valuable information.



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Still Have Doubts?

"I don't want to spend money on a jump training program"

We understand. We're all trying to keep our money, right? But let's be honest here. $47 for a 6 elite training programs + 2 eBooks to help develop your game is affordable, don't you think? You're getting our entire academy 90% off!!! To put things into perspective, we charge $70/hour to give the same training to our students during private sessions! If you spend more money on video games, expensive sneakers, and everything else that doesn't help you achieve your dreams, something is wrong with you!

"I don't think Vertiskills will help me"

Vertiskills does work. But we came out with a 30-days-or-your-money-back guarantee to let you try it. 30 days should give you enough time to add at least 8 inches to your vert!

"I don't need it"

Unless you're 6'5 at age 15, you do need to be very athletic to play the game. And even if you're tall, EVERY HIGH SCHOOL PROSPECT IS ATHLETIC. Modern basketball is way too physical not to be athletic.

Being able to jump high, play strong and fast is an absolute necessity. Without it, you will never get a scholarship or play professional ball.

"I don't trust you guys"

We understand. We're not scammers - we are elite basketball trainers; here is our Facebook page.

We use PayPal and Stripe to handle the payments which means that the payments are safe AND we will not have your credit card information.

Vertiskills Guarantees

  • You will add 9-20 Inches To Your Vert In 12 Weeks
  • You will have a quicker first step
  • You will run faster
  • You will become a stronger player

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Please contact at anytime.

Quick Reminders


The goal of VertiSkills is to change your total basketball body.


12-weeks broken down day by day with sets and reps indicated.


Three phases each
of which is 4 weeks
to explode your


Speed and
Overall Strength
will improve.


If you’re
unsatisfied, with
your results
it’s free to you.


  • q-iconWhat's the difference with other jump training programs?

    Vertiskills is way more than a jump training program. It’s a conditioning, skills, jump training, and strength training system. When you get Vertiskills, you really get four training programs combined into one.

  • q-iconAre the online payments safe? Is it a scam?

    All our payment processing is handled by a separate billion dollar companies that have been around for decades. Stripes and Paypal are responsible for millions of transactions per month with the latest security in place. We trust them wholeheartedly and have never had any issues at all. We were very careful about who we decided to work with and these guys are the best, hands down. You have nothing to fear whatsoever and if you’re still nervous about it, feel free to pay with Paypal. We accept both Paypal and credit cards.

  • q-iconHow much gains can I expect?

    Somewhere between 9 to 20 inches in 12 weeks if you follow the program seriously.

  • q-iconWhat extra equipment will I need?

    Vertiskills can be done almost anywhere. It’s better ti do it on a soft, surface like grass, but all you really need is a park bench or box and some wide-open space.

  • q-iconWhat’s so special about this program compared to all the others out there?

    This program was created by a pro basketball player. John Williams is a former NCAA standout AND has been the owner of a 47′ vert for over 10 years. Vertiskills was not made by some self-proclaimed ‘expert’ on vertical jumping that has no experience with real-world application of these skills.

    Vertiskills is the only program out here that focuses on skills, strength, conditioning and jump training. It will improve your hops AND your game!

    Vertiskills also comes with an elite strength training program as a bonus. So you’re really getting 2 programs instead of one!

  • q-iconI am in-season, can I still do it?

    Yes, and you will get the same if not better results even though you are training in-season. The intermittent training schedule allows for you to plan your workouts around practice times.

  • q-iconI’m Asian / older / Hispanic / female… will Vertiskills still work for me?

    Absolutely. This program works for anyone no matter your age, race or gender. Our successful athletes come from all over the world and they all added major inches to their vertical.

  • q-iconI can’t even touch the rim. Is it too advanced for me?

    Nope. In fact, you are the exact type of person who will see get the biggest jump gains from this program. You have so much room for improvement that just a few tweaks will see you gaining many inches very quickly.

  • q-iconWhat if I need help or have questions in the program?

    After you purchase you will instantly be given an access to our Facebook private group. There you will be able to read and post as well as ask me any questions you may have.

  • q-iconI’m really busy, will this program take up all my time?

    No. We’ve designed this program for busy people like us so you only need less than an hour max 4 times per week to get all the results from it.

  • q-iconHow long do I have to wait to get access to Vertiskills?

    Vertiskills is a digital, online membership site meaning you get instant access to all the materials and videos the second you join, even if its 4am. Since there’s nothing to mail and no physical books etc, we can keep our program really affordable, saving you a ton of money for all this cutting-edge training.

  • q-iconI’ve never even worked out before, can I still do it?

    Vertiskills is safe and works for all ages and levels. The program requires no weights or special equipment and can be done at home. Exercise videos of each movement are included so there is no prior workout experience needed.

  • q-iconAre the testimonials real?

    Yes! If you would like to get in touch with any of the athletes that provided testimonials just ask!


Disclaimer: Consult a physician prior to beginning the VertiSkills program and make sure to follow all instructions as indicated. In purchasing the VertiSkills program you are releasing all members of John Willams Basketball and One More Basketball Academy from any liability. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player and your results depend your work and dedication. Please forward any questions to

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